Saturday, August 1, 2015

Coming up: EXPO Antalya 2016

As some of you might have noticed or heard about Antalya will host a big EXPO in 2016. 
And this one might be a little different from most other EXPOs since the themes are "Flowers & Children" as well as "Cultivating a green life for future generations".

The EXPO area is located next to the main road "also known as D400" just 15 minutes drive from Antalya airport direction Alanya.

This botanical EXPOs will not only be available to visit during the EXPO period in 2016, which is April to October, but also afterwards since the area will serve as a park and exhibition area for the years to come.

It is expected that around 8 million people will visit the EXPO during the 2016.

We recommend everyone to visit the web site of the EXPO, which is both very informative and also in English:

The EXPO area is currently being developed and the infrastructure prepared for the large volume of visitors. Currently there is a lot of road work going on between Antalya Airport and the EXPO area since the main road is being widened and new bridges under construction.

Missing out on your flight is not a great thing to do.

So we recommend everyone to add 15-30 minutes to their expected travel time between Alanya and Antalya due to traffic.

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