Saturday, December 26, 2015

Get inspired with themes

Browsing online property web sites can often be both confusing and frustrating, especially when it comes to properties abroad where your knowledge about each of the local area and their pluses and minuses might not be complete up to date.

Some time ago 2Base introduced a new way of sorting for properties called "themes". This is essentially a new way of putting all of our properties into different kind of categories making it easier for you as a customer to understand of this property might be of your interest.

We have a variety of themes such as "Beach-lovers", "Penthouse", "View", "Bargains" and so on.
Which kind of properties you can find under each theme should hopefully be easy to figure out :-)

But what is the new thing? 

Well, until recently these themes were only accessible via the front page of our web site.
But now you will only see the themes at the main overview list of properties as well as under each individual property.

So go explore the themes. We believe that this will make the search for your dream property much easier.

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