Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 here we come...

When a year is about to come to an end it is time to take a deep breath and look back on the happenings and events of the year that has passed.

In the real estate sector two questions are always asked.

"How is the market?" (as in how are sales currently) and then of course "how will it (the market) develop?".

We believe that as an estate agent you will have two different choices of answer.

You can give a "real-estate-answer". 

This means that things are always good no matter how bad they really are and the market will always develop positively no matter how dark the forecasts are.

Or you can give an honest answer based on facts. 

At 2Base we truly believe in the second option.

So, how is the market?

Well, actually it is not that bad. Really...
We are all aware of the current situation in Turkey and the fact that if you believe in democracy and peaceful co-existence then it hasn't been the best year for Turkey. 

This will hopefully change for the better soon and we can only hope that the people of Turkey in the long run will not accept the current situation as it is.

The real estate market suffered particularly in the vacuum between the two elections that has been held in 2015. Since no government could be formed particularly local Turkish buyers seemed reluctant to invest in properties.
But now that the government has been formed the ball is rolling again.

One market thought that has literally been blown out of the sky is the Russian market and it will take years to recover.

But besides that there is movement on more or less all markets and as this blog post is typed our office is busy getting the last deals of 2015 finalized.

Truth is that the days between Christmas and New Year has in fact been very busy.

All in all 2015 was not a fantastic year, but it was in no way terrible.

So, what will happen next year?
Hard to say as always. But taken into account how fast everyone adapt to the changes of the world we believe that 2016 will not be so different from 2015.

New estate agents will have a hard time but those of us who are established and has a wide network will survive on hard work and professionalism.

At 2Base we have already started thinking of 2016 long time ago. Rest assured we will make it a good one...

We wish you all a happy and safe new year...

PS: Last year we also took at look into the magic crystal bowl called the future. Turned out we did a pretty good job. 

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