Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We are back...

Last couple of month there hasn't been all that much activity here at our blog. 

But we are back now and will take a look at some of the exciting things that has been going on while we were napping.

- Expo in Antalya
- Alanya 2016, what will happen?
- Alanyaspor
- Life at 2Base

Are you ready? Very well, lets get started then...

Expo in Antalya
End of April the Expo 2016 will open in Antalya and already around 1 million tickets should be sold. 
The exhibition will be open all summer and be transformed into a park and recreational area after the end of the Expo. 

The Expo is located close to Antalya airport and you can find much more info about Antalya 2016 Expo here. 

Alanya 2016
What will happen in Alanya this year and what impact will the refugee situation in Europa, the internal political conflicts and the cool relationship between Turkey and Russia have?

There is no short answer to a questions such as this, but it does of course effect not only Alanya but Turkey as a country.

Add to this that the minimum salaries in Turkey was raised by an astonishing 30 percent at the beginning of the year since this was a part of the promises made by the government before last election.

This has - apparently as a surprise to the politicians - led to an increase in unemployment that now again are two-digit.

Areas that solely are dependent on tourism such as Belek, Kemer and Lara are suffering the most. Cities that are more divert such as Alanya will definitely feel the negative impact, but will be less affected since the economy does not solely depend on tourism.

Our wishlist to the politicians for 2016 are.
- Spend less time fighting each other
- Spend more time on politics
- Spend less time on just trying to consolidate your own power and wealth
- Spend more time doing things from which the people of the country will benefit

Life at 2Base
It might sound like we are at but boring, but really there is not much to tell. 

We are as usual busy...

Currently we are working to optimize our web site so that we online can present our properties in an even better way.

Remember that you are always welcome by our office for a cup of coffee and a chat. 

In case you haven't visited our office yet, here is a description on how to find 2Base
It is pretty easy and our office is located in the center of Alanya.

We are of course always reachable via email contact@2base.com.

Currently Alanyas best football team on its way to make it to the Turkish superleague. The web site of the club is only in Turkish but still worth a visit. 
Among other things you can follow the results and fixtures of Alanyaspor.

With four rounds left the club has a one point advantage of its nearest rivals... So it is getting pretty exiting.

The weather
We almost forgot... The sun is of course shining...

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