Friday, June 19, 2015

Power cuts and how to know they are coming

In an earlier blog post we have been discussing the major break down of the electric grid in Turkey earlier this year. 

Today the topic again will be electricity and to some extend also power cuts. 

Because it actually seems like the authorities and providers of electricity and infrastructure is actually doing something about it.

In the Alanya area the grid is currently undergoing some serious maintenance. 

And how do we know that? Well, simply because currently there are a lot of power cuts....

But these power cuts seem to be related to repair and upgrade work rather than breakdowns, which is of course very positive at least in the long run.

Of course sitting at office or at home a whole day without electricity is no fun, but in case it will help establish a more stable supply in the long run it can be accepted.

The responsible CLKAkdeniz has also posted a long list with already planned maintenance work - which means planned power cuts - on their web site. 

The list is pretty long and heavy reading and it seems that all areas will be affected at some point.

But then again, if this will improve the situation in the long run it is acceptable.

Check the list for yourself to see when our area will fade to black: CLKAkdeniz planned maintance workschedule

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