Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Transparency even from your mobile device

In earlier blog posts we have often talked about how important transparency is when it comes to the daily operation of your owners union.

An owners union often holds a significant amount of money, and it is in everyone's interest to make sure that these are spend in the best way and that the documentation for each expense is available.

Sitting several thousands kilometers away from where all the action is taking place can make it hard to understand and follow exactly what is happening. How are the money spend, has everyone paid the yearly fees and so on.

Last year 2Base set a new level of transparency of owners union and allowed all owners to log directly into the accounting books of their owners union. 

No more waiting for excel files or monthly emails.

Instead every owner can now get real-time view access to (and only view, of course. Not editing or deleting) all postings such as expenses and status on payments of the monthly and yearly fees.

A perfect tool and option for all board members, board controllers and owner who wish to make sure that everything is done correctly.

Furthermore this is reducing the amount of time that board members and the board chairman has to spend answering questions about the accounts from the owners, because each owner can now just log in, find answers to all question, see all expense receipts and other details for themselves.

One often overlooked feature is that we also have an mobile app available. So you do not even have to start up your computer in order to get access to all of the information, since it can all be available by downloading our accounting app and logging in with the username and password that is already provided by us.
Can it be any easier? We actually do not think so..

Are you a property owner in an owners union already using 2Base as administrator and do you want to get access to the accounting details via your mobile phone or tablet?
Then let us know and we will send you the download link for the app.

Is your owners union not using 2Base as complex administrator and are you tired of not having easy and understandable access to all financial details of your complex?
Then contact us and we might be able to work something out...

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