Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Properties with garden access are getting popular!

 We have made a minor but still handy update to our web site.

It is now possible to see all the properties that have direct access to a garden area.

This can either be ground floor apartments in a single level or duplex apartments where the lower floor has direct access to a garden.

So let us take a look at who can benefit from having direct access to garden.

- Families with kids -
A garden apartment gives the kids a greater space for playing and moving while the parents are still able to sit close by and keep an eye on what is going on.

- Pet owners -
With a pet in the household the easy access to a garden area makes life a whole lot easier for both the pet and the owner.

- BBQ lovers -
Throwing a BBQ party in the garden is always much better than on the balcony. And with easy access from the garden to both kitchen and toilet your guests and yourself will enjoy your homemade burgers and steaks even more.

- Garden lovers -
Some people just love flowers and grass more than others. If you are a garden lover then having access to some green space is a must.

- Those who prefer to stay close to the ground -
Not everyone is dreaming of climbing the Eiffel tower or parachute (yes, I am talking of you mum).
Some just like to stay grounded and then a garden apartment comes in quite handy.

There are a few important things to know when looking for a property with access to a garden area.

First, please note that the information in this blog does not relate to villas, but only garden apartments and garden duplex inside a building complex.
Secondly, the garden area in front of the property can as a rule not be considered as private area.
Instead it belongs to the common area of the complex.

Also there will not be any mention of the garden area in your title deed.

But in reality probably no one other than your self will access this area so in daily life the garden will feel like your own.

Garden properties are getting more and more popular so start your search by visiting our selection of properties with access to garden by clicking this link.

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